How To Choose The Right Web Designer in Malaysia

how to find the right web designer in malaysia

Are you planning to develop a website and in search of a web designer? Choosing the right designer in Malaysia can be challenging. With options like web design agency, freelance web designer, and hiring a full-time designer, making the right choice can be challenging. In this article, we will guide you on how to find the right designer in Malaysia for your website.

First, What Are Your Requirements And Expectations?

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Website Support

If your website is extensive and requires long-term support for content updates, a web design company might be your best option. If an issue arises, a company can address it promptly. While a reliable freelancer can handle the task, I’ve heard from many clients over my 12 years of experience that some freelancers go missing in action and even take down websites. If you’ve decided to go with a freelance web designer, make sure to find a trustable one and backup your website, and retain control over the domain and hosting.

Your Budget

The cost depends largely on the team’s size and experience level. Generally, freelancers charge 20-30% less than web design companies. If you’re working within a tight budget, a freelance web designer could be your ideal choice.

Scope of Services

Web design isn’t just about creating a site. It often encompasses tasks like content creation, graphic design, ongoing website maintenance, and SEO optimization services. While web design company tend to provide a full suite of these services for long-term growth, a freelance designer might specialize primarily in the design aspect. If your sole focus is on the design, then hiring a freelancer could be ideal. However, if you’re considering a range of services, a web design agency might be a more comprehensive choice.

Trust Level

In general, a web design agency or company tends to be more trustworthy than a freelancer. This is because they operate as registered company in Malaysia, providing a physical address for contact, and in worst-case scenarios, legal actions can be taken.

Web Designer Types in Malaysia

Let’s give you an idea of how pricing & services might vary when comparing different type of web designer in Malaysia. Keep in mind this is a general comparison, different companies and freelancers may have distinct pricing and feature offerings.

Web Design Agency Freelance Web DesignerHire In-House Designer
PriceRM 2800 – RM 8000RM 2400- RM7000RM 4000+ /month
Pages10 pages10 pagesunlimited
Mobile Responsiveyesyesyes
TeamAt least 3 people: Web designer, Project manager, Graphic designer11
Domain & HostingYesYesNeed to purchase 
Security & SupportYesOptionalYes

So Which Web Designer is Your Best Choice ? 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution ( or in the future ), complete with a team of professionals to manage different aspects of the project, and can afford a slightly higher price point, a Web Design Agency would be most suitable. They not only design but also offer content writing, domain & hosting, and consistent security & support.

On the other hand, if budget is a constraint and you only require basic web design services, a Freelance Web Designer might be your best bet. They usually charge less than agencies, but security and support might be optional.

If you need consistent updates, unlimited revisions, and are ready for a monthly commitment, hiring an In-House Designer can be the ideal choice. It may come with a higher monthly cost, but you get unlimited design support, flexibility in revisions, and dedicated services.

Start evaluating your specific needs, budget, and the range of services you require to make an informed decision. Especially since good web design plays a important role in branding. Read this article If you’re curious about the impact of design on branding.

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